Diary of a Sovereign Traveller.

By Lorna Munro.

Day 1,
Thursday the 17th of October 2013

The preparations for the proposed travel to the land mass now known as “hiɪŋ.ɡLand” has been quite disappointing. My provisions have been size-ably decreased due to miscalculations of funds that were procured many moons ago alas, I look to the founders of our Great Commonwealth, of HaustalRalia for examples of how to create a great and prosperous nation from begging, stealing and borrowing, who have obviously done well with their efforts and I remain hopeful.

In accordance with my orders from the council of sovereign Wiradjuri elders and warriors, I am planning my official statement to be delivered in a few days passing. A ceremony is to be arranged from the landing party on arrival, I am interested in seeing the foreign dignitaries interpret their foreign tongues and art practices and further engaging in a conversation long overdue.

I shall keep you informed as to where my location will be once I have landed on the soil of our Invader ancestors, please prepare smoke and pray and give thanks to the creator for me, ask the father in the sky to protect me as I may encounter danger in my travels and may be interacting with savages and heathens who worship strange gods and monuments.

I eagerly await correspondence from our BLACK QUEEN AND BLACK COUNTRY.
Our forefathers will not have died in vain.
Yours in the Struggle

Yilinhi of the Wiradjuri

'Let me explore by own identity...' by Lorna Munro, 2013.

‘Let me explore by own identity…’ Lorna Munro, 2013.